Who We Are

The Press Group is the collective name for Press Energy, Press Comms, Press Rebates and Press Services. The company was formed in 2010 and we have offices based both in Burnley and Manchester.

We are B2B company offering services to help your business reduce its utility and communications costs and in most cases ensure that you are paying the correct tariff for the services that your business may purchase or subscribe to.

Within the Press Group we also have a resident solicitor who has over the years assisted many of our customers ensuring that products and services purchased from the large blue chip companies are billed and invoiced correctly, whilst also complying with current and past legislation.

This process is completed by using a number of our cost saving initiatives and auditing services, which we have detailed below.

Telecom Services

Energy Procurement

Press Energy have agreements with most of the UK’s energy suppliers giving all our customers the choice in all the energy products on the current market. Our experienced energy consultants are able to advise your business on how to reduce costs and consumption in all of your utilities such as Gas, Electricity and Water. Press Energy can also make recommendations on how to manage your overall business energy expenditure, now and also in the future.

With renewable energy installations high on the government’s agenda in an attempt to try and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, in most cases Press Energy are able to assist in helping you identify the availibility of funding and grants that are required for your business to implement energy saving devices or equipment. Press Energy are also working in partnership with the Carbon Trust, a body that gives our brand direct access to government funding which is a valuable resource we can utilise that quite often other similar service providers do not have access to.

Press Comms can provide your business with the cheapest telephone call rates on inbound and outband calls utilising our tier 1 supplier. Having a partnership with Openreach who maintains the BT network guarantees our customer a “One Stop Shop” in terms of selection and provisioning your telecom requirements.
Our experienced telecom consultants have the knowledge to project manage line installations such as analogue, ISDN and complex data networking and infrastructure. We also can provide telecom peripherals and hardware systems which linked with our mobile services can provide your business with a unified solution using the latest technologies.

Press Rebates can provide your business with an evaluation/audit service of all your energy costs that have been consumed and purchased over a set time period. Our experienced rebate consultants can scrutinise your utility invoices and quite often identify an array of incorrect charges that have been applied to your utility account without your knowledge. We are currently aware of 34+ points that utility companies have overcharged our customers, these are often due to incorrect meter charges or rates that are not usually identified in the customer invoice.
Our in house solicitor utilises specialised software to audit our customer invoices and quite often highlights various types of billing issues. In instances where it is evident that invoices have been raised incorrectly, Press Rebates have managed to recover the excess costs and repay this back to the customer. Press Rebates usually offer this free service to all our customers on a “no win, no fee basis”. For further information to the services we can offer to support your business, please download our brochure.

Press Services delivers our overall back up support from across all our products and services. From new meter installations such as Gas Electricity Water and Telecommunications Press Services delivers first class project management. As well as the support / service we offer small to medium size businesses with call marketing messages as well inbound and outbound call handling.