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Biomass is an environmentally friendly fuel which can be used an alternative to fossil fuels. It can be acquired from any recently living organism. The most common form of biomass used in the U.K. is chipped wood.

Heating Additive – Endotherm

Endo Therm significantly improves heat transfer efficiency within wet closed heating systems. The product has been installed at hospitals, council buildings, leisure centres, offices, universities and many more; delivering gas savings of between 10-32%.

Gas Invoice Rebate

Most business require Gas. With the complexity on how the invoices are created by the energy suppliers it can be very difficult to understand and in most cases the invoice that are sent are incorrect due to a variety of exceptions which the company could be entitled too.

Utility Procurement

Press Group have extensive experience in providing the best value gas and electricity deals to all types of businesses through our careful negotiation and procurement.

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