Biomass is an environmentally friendly fuel which can be used an alternative to fossil fuels. It can be acquired from any recently living organism. The most common form of biomass used in the U.K. is chipped wood.

Chipped wood can be collected from saw mills, woodland areas (lop and top) or it can be from purposefully grown coppices. A pellet form of biomass miscanthus is readily available in the U.K. and is produced from large fibrous grasses and wood.

Fossil fuels that have been locked within the ground for millions of years are a form of biomass. When they are burned CO2 that has been trapped within it is released damaging the environment and contributing to climate change.

By changing to an environmentally friendly biomass system you will reduce this effect. When these new fuels are used the CO2 they release is equal to the amount of CO2 used during the growing process and therefore no ‘new ‘CO2 is released into the earth’s atmosphere. This is known as a ‘closed carbon cycle’. When fossil fuels are burnt they release CO2 into the atmosphere that had previously been contained underground therefore increasing overrall levels.

Should you require Press Group to support you in changing to a new biomass system we would prepare a business case following a survey. Our recommendations will take in to account any Government incentives (RHI) that may be available to see how this could affect the ROI.