Most business has some requirement for electricity. Invoices are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to understand. They are very often incorrect due to the large number of exceptions and exemptions that your company may be entitled to that have not been applied. Invoices are often automatically generated and not checked before being sent out to the customer.

Businesses may be being invoiced incorrectly for their electricity going back a numbers of years to the time of installation. When a new meter is due to be installed the energy company may not ask the correct questions and these results in mis-invoicing. The market and pricing is fluctuating constantly and it is unlikely your supplier will keep you informed of these changes particularly if rate reductions could be available. Regular checks of your invoices may assist with keeping you abreast of such changes.

We aim to ensure that your business is not being charged incorrectly for your electricity. There are numerous points in the creation of your electricity invoice where your supplier can charge you wrongly. As with the other companies we work with you have nothing to lose as should you not be due a rebate we do NOT charge a fee. Additionally you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are being invoiced correctly and it has not cost you anything to find out.

Let us check your electricity invoices for you to see if you are due a rebate. We will see if you have the correct meter installed and assess if you are with the most suitable supplier and any cost implications there may be from staying with them. Advice can also be provided to avoid you being overcharged in the future.

If a rebate is due one of our energy specialists will approach your utility company on your behalf and deal directly with them cutting down on any work required from you. Other companies often charge and upfront fee, we do not. Our principle is that we get paid for our results. Each case is different therefore we charge a proportion of what we recover meaning that the whole process can only be of financial benefit to your business.