Most business require Gas. With the complexity on how the invoices are created by the energy suppliers it can be very difficult to understand and in most cases the invoice that are sent are incorrect due to a variety of exceptions which the company could be entitled too. The invoices that are sent by many of the UK’s energy companies are automated and not checked before sending.

Businesses could be invoiced for a number of years going back at the time of installation. When a new meter is at point of installation the receiving caller (Energy Company) may not have asked the correct questions and his would of course result in miss-invoiced. The ever fast growing and changing market it’s important to ensure that the invoices are checked regular as the industry changes regular and we have found that not all suppliers are for coming with the information. It is unlikely that your supplier will tell you of a reduction.

Our aim is to ensure that your business is not being billed incorrectly for your Gas usage. There are numerous points on your energy invoice that your electricity supplier can invoice your company incorrectly and with the other companies we have helped you will have nothing to lose a we will NOT charge a fee.

if your invoices are correct then you have the peace of mind knowing that you are paying the right amount and it hasn’t cost you anything to find out.

Let us check your electricity bill and see if we can find a saving for you.

•             Do you know if your Gas supply invoice is correct?

•             Do you know if your business has the correct meter installed?

•             Do you know if you are paying too much?

•             Do you know if you have been overcharged?

•             Do you know the charge implications if you continue with the same supplier?

All you need to do is provide us with your Gas invoice and we will check this on your behalf and either secure a rebate or advise your business that on avoiding the invoices being over charged.

What are the charges?

We work in the energy arena every day. As we have various products and services we are required to keep up with the industry changes to ensure we keep our existing customers and to grow the business.

By providing Press Group with a copy of your energy invoices we can carry out a analysis to see if there are any potential savings or rebates. If we think we are able to assist we will approach the utility company on your behalf and deal directly with them which cuts down any workload at your end.

Whereby many other similar companies like ourselves charge a upfront fee we don’t, we promote our service that you only ever pay us on a result.

Not all cases are the same therefore we charge a proportion of what we recover making the whole project cash positive to your business.