Endo Therm significantly improves heat transfer efficiency within wet closed heating systems. The product has been installed at hospitals, council buildings, leisure centres, offices, universities and many more; delivering gas savings of between 10-32%.

This technology is very simple to deploy as it is added to the water in a heating system at 1% of the the volume of the systems total water. The effects are seen within 24 hours as radiators are markedly hotter, thermostats are satisfied quicker and for longer which results in boiler run rates being reduced.

We have had studies by technical colleges showing there are no adverse effects on the heating system. One of these studies has been carried out by a world leading academic Ged Hesboni a Professor of Thermal Dynamics at Tel Aviv University.

Both domestic and commercial buildings will benefit from using Endo Therm. This technology can reduce KWh and carbon figures significantly in any setting providing a rapid return on investment as demonstrated in the table below.

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