There are six reasons why you should introduce infrared heating in your business:

• It’s 100 % natural
• It heats the fabrics of the building not the air
• It reduces damp and mould
• It uses less energy
• No maintenance or servicing is required
• It’s CO2 fee.

It is also thought to benefit those with skin conditions and asthma due to the different way it delivers heat. Energy savings have been found to be as high as 60 % against your existing invoices and provide better heat transfer than traditional systems. Water based radiator systems use a boiler to heat water which is then pumped through pipes to radiators heating the air by convection. This is inefficient because most of the heat is lost and the energy used in the process wasted.

Boiler efficiency degrades quickly after installation and it is not uncommon for boilers to be working at less than 80% efficiency throughout their life span. When heat is lost through the piping system as water is pumped around, the boiler has to work harder to maintain the temperature using more, costly energy.

Infrared heaters convert all of the energy they produce into heat. To get similar efficiency from a traditional system you would require an A rated condensing boiler. To make the temperature drop required to allow a condensing boiler to work effectively existing radiator panels often have to be replaced with larger ones increasing costs further. Most boilers need replacing every 10-15 years. A reliable make of infrared heater should need no maintenance or replacement.