Electricity pricing are extremely volatile. Solar panels will enable you to protect your business from ever increasing energy prices. Having solar panels installed will guarantee your business savings on electricity and a government incentive for the next 20 years.

Solar panels enable your business to generate its own electricity using natural sun/daylight to support your business it’s the powers you require.

Press Group have helped many businesses reduce the amounts on their electricity invoices and meet their carbon reduction commitments by installing solar panels.

Solar panels help to reduce and control long term energy costs. Taking advantage of other energy savings solutions such battery storage, will allow your business to store excess electricity generated during the day to use for ‘free’ overnight.

There is usually some capital investment required with solar panel installation however the savings made along with the government incentives generally contributes to any initial monthly costs.

Press Group will provide you with a full business case demonstrating how it will help your business reduce costs, consumption and CO2 emissions backed by a practical project plan and full support.