Press Group are committed to supporting your business by giving you free and independent advice on your energy consumption and costs. We can arrange a survey at your business premises to inspect all aspects of your usage and recommend products/services to cut costs and provide a comprehensive solution.

In the U.K. electricity is supplied at 240v. Most equipment is signed to run at a much lower level. This discrepancy can cause equipment to last for a shorter period and increase maintenance costs both of which raise business costs and waste energy.

Under a process called voltage optimisation we can install a product that reduces the voltage entering your premises subsequently reducing the amount of energy that is used. It has been shown that this process will have the single biggest impact in assisting you to meet your energy saving and carbon reduction targets.

To begin the process we would need you to provide us with some basic information:

• An electricity invoice
• A half hourly breakdown of your data about your usage (don’t worry if you don’t have this we can get it directly from your supplier).

Some initial capital investment may be required to install the system but we are confident that anything we recommend for you will bring your costs down with a typical return in your investment within 12-36 months.