Press Group have extensive experience in providing the best value gas and electricity deals to all types of businesses through our careful negotiation and procurement.

To date over 8,000 sites in the UK have taken advantage of our services. In most cases we can maintain your relationship with your existing supplier but negotiate a better tariff for you to generate savings. If this isn’t possible we can recommend a new supplier. We also offer other products that can enable you to manage your business energy costs more effectively with either your existing or new supplier.

Our buying power allows us to negotiate lower energy costs than a stand alone business could do. In addition, due to our expertise in the energy business our business energy consultants can advise you of the best time to buy your energy to get the best deal saving you again on your gas costs. We are constantly monitoring and analysing rates watching the market daily to advise our clients when to buy in bulk, ultimately making even higher savings.

Although we can offer you advice and prices based on your existing energy invoices, to provide you with the best service we ask you to sign a letter of authority. This means we can retrieve all of the information we require quickly, providing a more efficient service to you as promptly and accurately as possible.

This provides your business with additional protection as we can ensure your supplier does not automatically roll your contract over into a new term. Most gas suppliers require anything from 30 to 120 days notice before your contracts anniversary date. If you miss this deadline your supply could be rolled over into a new contract without your authorisation.

In giving Press Group a letter of authority we can take this worry away from you by ensuring this doesn’t happen. We may not be able to terminate your existing supplier if you are still under contract but we can in certain cases negotiate contracts up to 12 months in advance. This is dependent on your energy consumption and requirements.

We have relationships with most of the U.K. energy suppliers and these include those offering green/renewable energy options. If you require it this can be as much as 100% ‘green’ energy. If you take this option you will no longer be liable to pay the Climate Charge Levy (CCL) and this exemption means this charge will no longer be applied to your energy invoices providing further savings.

If you want to make use of our recommendations and services we will arrange everything on your behalf. We will keep you updated when the changes are made and the only difference you should notice is a different logo on your invoice.

If we analyse your businesses gas contracts and feel we can’t do anything for you at the current time we can keep your details in our system and alert you when relevant so that you are not unknowingly rolled over into another contract. If you feel that our services aren’t for you then this doesn’t preclude you from doing your own comparisons and moving suppliers as we don’t hold you to anything contractually.