Press Group offer a comprehensive water audit to reduce your rates and look for rebates that may be due.

We can assist you with this utilising our specialist industry knowledge. Our clients report that due to the complexity of pricing structures they find their invoices difficult to understand.

Following the large scale reorganisation of the water companies over recent years we have noticed many businesses are paying more for these services than they should.

We can also help you to reduce the amount of water that your business may be wasting. We can do this in a number of ways.

These include:

• Water usage analysis
• Leak detection
• Wash room solutions
• Water supply and non return to sewer rebates
• Meter downsizing
• Waste minimisation
• Trade effluent negotiation
• Surface water/highway drainage.

We offer integrated water management programs that comply with the Waste, Misuse, Undue Consumption and Contamination of Public Water Supplies (Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 Water Industry Act 1991) while reducing costs. Capital investment schemes can usually be funded from savings and rebates.

The most common areas for water related savings in buildings are:

• Flushing systems
• Showers
• Urinal control systems
• Taps
• WC cisterns
• Leak detection and repair
• Recycling systems.

The benefits of having a professional holistic approach to water management is to reduce costs of water supply, sewerage, trade effluent charges and energy charges. Maintenance is reduced and environmental requirements (ISO 14001) met.